Its Gen-X dude!

Since WordPress have been promoting me to share my story, I guess it’s fitting to share,if not in full,an excerpt out of my present context.So here is a slightly generalised view about me and my gen.

Being part of the so-called “Gen X”, has made me ignorant and aware of many a thing’s, which would not have qualified as norm during our earlier generations.Its okay now to be unsuccessful, to be unmarried, to be naive among many others. Considering these where all prerequisites for our parents’ generation to survive, you could term me as a spoilt brat with no acumen for the future and neither is planning to change it any time soon. What I represent is an amalgam of generation, with infinite possibilities and opportunities,but would prefer to just pass-by, to continue our life of inertia and comfort.We make career changing decisions over tea and biscuits, we plan backpacking on a month long trip, just because we can and prefer to see everything  else as dynamic. We don’t believe in best D friends, nor in soul mates,meant for life, which sort of makes me wonder whether this was all a scam to get us married and “Tied to the ground”, as our beloved parents call it.I wasn’t going to fly away anyways, forget leaving the house, couch is my sanctum.

Now you must be wondering, if it’s all downsides and we are just another spoilt gen. Ironically, we are made smart by the same factors that made us lazy in the first part. Going to a college is a minimum among us, masters is a scale of your intellect and then lucky for me, PhD is yet to catch wave as an essential to survive. Most of us, decide on our future right after college, the thought about which would make our parents go dizzy, who would’ve have had to plan 5-6 years in front to join a college.We pass exams on a wimp, get certified, buy suits, wear shades, all in ignorance of what we would want to do in the next instance. 

We have “Friends”, “friends” and then “FREINDS”.We are led to believe we have found our ultimate friendship only to be proven wrong at the time of need.We find love on every nook and cranny,and yet true lovers do not find themselves accommodating.

Having said all this, I am lucky to be alive at such a time, when everything is in our hands and we can make and break our very own destiny. We can afford such novelties because we are the carefree generation full of spoilt brat stuck in am earthly body.

P.$: Obviously there are exceptions and these are only views from my angle and my state of mind.And when I mean to “generalise”, its about people whom I know enough to comment upon.


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