Ignorance is bliss ! Or is it ?!

I  recently came across a very interesting , thought-provoking article on  the Quantitative measurement of knowledge and whether being knowledgeable  reciprocates justifying our hold on the world as its ultimate royals. 

It pointed out very relevant yet easily overlooked facts about the naivety of the larger portion of us, in making ourselves content with the fact that what we know is that we all have to  know !. It mentioned various syllogism related to current turmoils including the Trump-ism , Religious war mongering among other pressing topics.

This article , sort of made me restructure my thought process , in regard to how I perceive things and how I must be considering factors which I was ignorant off to start with.


We, as humans, consider ourselves the Imperialists among the living. But what is that little bit of influence that takes us beyond and above our fellow beings?

Birds have been migrating since ever, squirrels have been doing their business collecting nuts, dogs howl when they see ghosts. So all these suggests they are knowledgeable as well and if we take this as a scale to measure smartness, then they would at least rank above our current politicians and our political system. So what exactly is that we had done, contrary to them, to harness our claim to the throne?

I am made to believe, and rightly so, that its none other than ignorance that sets us apart. Ignorance in this context, should not be seen as our daily lethargy to know about things and the general boredom associated with knowing things outside our comfort zone. Instead, it is in fact the very knowledge about things that we don’t know. We have to have a hold of things that we don’t know. I meant not to say that we should know about everything, but what I advocate is an idea about what we are unaware off. In essence, the yearn to see the bigger picture is something that makes us stand apart.

This thought can be applied to almost all the issues out there. Maybe if we weren’t blind toward others and their beliefs, we wouldn’t have lobbied against them. Maybe if we knew the other side of story in any matter, we would have acted rationally. This all puts the ultimate truth in to perspective. If we can imagine ourselves in their shoes, maybe we would’ve been a better human. All this constant yearn to attract everything to ourselves have made ourselves oblivious to the fact that there are other humans too and we are meant to co-exist. The positivity that co-existing individuals radiate is undeniable and the root reason behind this, as I assume, is the mutual respect as well as the acceptance of the fact that one wouldn’t know about the other persons and his story as well as themselves, no matter how inseparable they are.

Hence, I hope, keeping all this war mongering and Xenophobia aside, we are basically just flesh and bones and what defines us, should not be something that has been imprinted in our chain of thought from the very beginning, but the acceptance that we are all one and our future lies in the togetherness and compassion we exercise


The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep -Robert Frost




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