Why are the US elections relevant to an Asian dude ?




“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. -Thomas Paine”

While the whole world was being consumed by the atrocities around the world by different terrorist groups for their own gratifications , the world as we know , is moving to an entirely new form of neopolitical system in which the a world wide war is just seconds away from a button click.  Despite being in the 21st century , we feel it as pretty awkward that the decade long childish feud between Russia and their hombre’s US are still at the top of their rage and yet when the immigration crisis which dwelled upon our humanitarian values were overlooked . Fake military oppression’s with varying reasons are not a humane enough reason to justify how we have shut eyes towards the impending catastrophe of immigration. We lost our humane touch when these so called “First world Countries ” , “Harbingers of New found freedom ” , “Big brothers ” , don’t feel it relevant enough to do enough to maybe contain the loss of innocent lives and yet they are over the moon when a fraction of the atrocities reciprocate in their homeland . It is very calming for us to sit at our comforts of home , become a cyber ninja and go rattling about it over and over again , but truth to be told , there is very less that a normal human can do .A relevant example would be the “White Helmets” , despite being our modern day heroes , there is very less they can do to nullify the root cause and as we know , this can go on for ever , as long as their basic problems are not addressed and the vested interests of these countries dropped.

And ,back to why the US elections are important , Trump and Hillary have projected themselves as the Dumb and Dumbest among the politicians in a country hailed as the greatest democracy .It has merely boiled down to whoever is the less venomous candidate. This makes a mockery of what a democracy stands for and the very reason that their resumes are on the opposite ends of sanity , makes this election and the subsequent days as relevant as to anyone as to any citizen of the US . The magnificently hailed ” Most powerful job on the earth ” , if it shows any justification to this title , can make or break the world’s future. While watching the just-concluded presidential debate have been a heart breaking scene out of a Twilight movie  , they did ask some relevant questions , and it showed to us the stark differences between a shrewd businessman and an equally archaic politician .While one advocated making the country investment friendly , the other wanted to further squeeze money out of the rich and share with the rest .While it sounds that both the alternatives are from Utopia , they highlight the fundamental differences of the candidates . While Trump wants to make further Trumps, Hillary wants to be the only Hillary . The debate also made an amusement out of it , by the way Trump threatened  “Coz You’d be in jail ” banter was an exceptional tit for tat that would make a 5-Year old jealous .While this might be the just the tip of the iceberg , we are meant to believe that even after one of them wins the election , this self mockery would continue for a longer time and anything deviating from how to mitigate the current situations are going to be bad news for every one involved in it.

This election result would reciprocate to all the major takers and compounded with the post -Brexit , Theresa May government and the much maligned UN with humanitarian Antonio Guterres at the helm , there is so much to achieve and the impact that it would have is huge .Hopefully, these torrid times including the immigration , migration and financial crisis are nothing but a passing fancy , and the so-called “Big players” are up to the task and nothing makes it better  than financial and political powerhouse like the US keeping up to their billing and making the world a better place to live.

Its just a start , but with the things that are stake , it better be a damn good start!







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