Connecting the Obvious – My take on why the world is corrupt and why do we have to pay to live in this world!



I am sure ,at least once a day we would’ve wondered about why there is so much disparity among people on so many fronts. Some are money-wise , some power -wise or an amalgam of both. This also begs the question , if the common theory of “all men are equal ” holds its ground , then how did some have become rich while others are on the opposite end of the food cycle.

Perhaps , for us 90’s kids , the most striking image of betrayal would be of Julius Caesar crying ” Et tu Brute ?! ” at his trusted aide and son-like Brutus. A little down in the topic , we would be of the opinion that Brutus isn’t as bad as our imagination but was an ally to a necessary evil to prevent Caesar becoming an all-powerful ruler ,thus creating the aforementioned disparity. But it makes it clear that , there were powers who wanted him off. They can be synonymous with whats happening in the world right now. Conglomerates toppling government over for their gain. Lets see some very broad examples .

The whole ISIS- Syria ensemble is , as I gather a byproduct of how Russia was protecting a dictatorship and how US resented it and after further secret interventions , Voila we have a  million refugees. Same thing , with how Cuba was under an extended sanction , because US feared the upcoming of communism with null their  vested interests and make path to US eventually. How about the infamous 2G/3G scam in India where the amount of money squandered would make any sane person dizzy. It would be unfair to not remember the Italian Mafia with Silvio Berlusconi even found their way to him being their president. Drug cartels rule among Mexico ,El Salvador and the entire South America. Even the Middle east have had their own share of blood money and the dictatorial but favored rule of Saddam Hussein was bought to a halt by not their own people but by other countries , who deemed him “dangerous” to their interests. It shows us a familiar path of interchange between money and power and the growing race to better each other.

This makes us the think that if there was no concept of money and power , would the world be a better place ? Might be ! But i beg to differ .Like I mentioned earlier , its an necessary evil but should be a controlled one. Our best example would be the Canadian Heartthrob Justin Trudeau who as the PM , rocked the world with his humanitarian as well as diverse decisions and to an extend Paul Rudd ,the witty yet effective Ex- Australian PM.

As weird as it sounds , paying money to live in our world is something of a necessity but only if we are convinced it doesn’t reach the wrong hands. Maybe I am being too naive about politics and business , but my juvenile thought process dictates me to believe that its okay to pay as long as we don’t pay to get ourselves killed. Pay our taxes and dues for the better good (I dont think I have to mention the infinite implications and positives bought by the tax-payers money) and for things that follow , all we can hope is it would be used rationally because the world as we know is in a very deep pit and anything and everything humanitarian is a bliss.!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.- Albert Einstein



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