Its Gen-X dude!

Since WordPress have been promoting me to share my story, I guess it’s fitting to share,if not in full,an excerpt out of my present context.So here is a slightly generalised view about me and my gen.

Being part of the so-called “Gen X”, has made me ignorant and aware of many a thing’s, which would not have qualified as norm during our earlier generations.Its okay now to be unsuccessful, to be unmarried, to be naive among many others. Considering these where all prerequisites for our parents’ generation to survive, you could term me as a spoilt brat with no acumen for the future and neither is planning to change it any time soon. What I represent is an amalgam of generation, with infinite possibilities and opportunities,but would prefer to just pass-by, to continue our life of inertia and comfort.We make career changing decisions over tea and biscuits, we plan backpacking on a month long trip, just because we can and prefer to see everything  else as dynamic. We don’t believe in best D friends, nor in soul mates,meant for life, which sort of makes me wonder whether this was all a scam to get us married and “Tied to the ground”, as our beloved parents call it.I wasn’t going to fly away anyways, forget leaving the house, couch is my sanctum.

Now you must be wondering, if it’s all downsides and we are just another spoilt gen. Ironically, we are made smart by the same factors that made us lazy in the first part. Going to a college is a minimum among us, masters is a scale of your intellect and then lucky for me, PhD is yet to catch wave as an essential to survive. Most of us, decide on our future right after college, the thought about which would make our parents go dizzy, who would’ve have had to plan 5-6 years in front to join a college.We pass exams on a wimp, get certified, buy suits, wear shades, all in ignorance of what we would want to do in the next instance. 

We have “Friends”, “friends” and then “FREINDS”.We are led to believe we have found our ultimate friendship only to be proven wrong at the time of need.We find love on every nook and cranny,and yet true lovers do not find themselves accommodating.

Having said all this, I am lucky to be alive at such a time, when everything is in our hands and we can make and break our very own destiny. We can afford such novelties because we are the carefree generation full of spoilt brat stuck in am earthly body.

P.$: Obviously there are exceptions and these are only views from my angle and my state of mind.And when I mean to “generalise”, its about people whom I know enough to comment upon.



So, last week Demonetization happened and like majority of us, I rushed to the nearest dictionary and searched what’s this all about. Then we rushed to the nearest banks to get our now-monopoly paper currency in to actual currency and stayed there waiting for our turn. So, what exactly is this fuss all about?

Turns out that it isn’t exactly the first time our Indian government has pulled something like this out of their bag. The first such known tricks happened back in 1939 and guess what? we had 10,00o Rs notes and those along with 5000 and 3000 were called back. And, again these 10,000 Rs notes were put in to the market (Yes! yet again and I regret to having not seen it even once in my lifetime) and not so surprisingly called back to curb the black money floating around. By now, you would have guessed it has to do something with black money and their flow and effects on the economy. Precisely, the government is hoping for a third-time-lucky as both of the previous gimmicks haven’t contributed towards curbing black money as is known to all of us.We all have an uncle who sits at home and is “Somehow” filthy rich.

This brings around a variety of questions ranging from how will it curb black money which is so prevalent along with fake currencies, to how will it affect us Aam Admi who are alien to the concept of hoarding bags and containers of money in their warehouses or offshore accounts. Let me see if I can get a hold of these questions. Firstly, how does it curb black money or render it worthless. Theoretically, since all the existing 500 and 1000 Rs are worthless from November 9, and the only portal for exchanging the legit currencies are through the banks and since banks would need proper documents  to accept cash, this should be a sure shot solution. Ideally, then we would have a Utopian environment with only legibly earned money. But like for every good there is a bad, comes none other than our own human self and our craving for the illegitimate. Underpaid(Like most of us middle class) bank officers can be easily lured in to turning this black to white motor for those who matters. Or, even worse, they could be threatened to give in.

The most interesting part of this scheme,  is the introduction of a bigger note which will lead to shopwala uncle asking ” Aur koi bada note nahi tha kya? “. The 2000 note might look pretty but according to varying reports it isn’t exactly pretty in pink. The actual cost of maintaining the newer notes would require at least 15-20 k crore and the benefits of demonetization should at least offset this. This a much bigger stake on an already nagging economy (but not bigger than the scams our cunning Netas run!). If this, black money scheme does backfire, then we would have a government who just wanted to have prettier notes.

Then, last but not least, would be how will it affect, normal people.Obviously the coming month would be a Pandora’s box with very less actual cash in circulation. But then, what after that ? Will it increase the cost of living? Will it dip us further in to the debt?  Will stock market hold this? This will surely put a lot on plate for the cashless online transaction company with many of them starting targeted advertisements. Analysts claim an impending crash of the real estate and stock market.

Given, all these factors, I am pretty sure that the impending news of demonetization would have reached the elites ears long back and obviously they would have floated it in to the market through new companies, products and other consumables. This isn’t exactly rocket science. No sane government can risk their major stakeholders going in to bankruptcy. So, eventually, this begs the ultimate question, DOES IT REALLY MATTER TO THE RICH? Middle class is stuck in the between, poor gets poorer and rich would eventually amass wealth beyond layman’s imagination.

Here’s to hoping the latest policy isn’t just a gimmick and maybe a winning touch for a better India.


Ignorance is bliss ! Or is it ?!

I  recently came across a very interesting , thought-provoking article on  the Quantitative measurement of knowledge and whether being knowledgeable  reciprocates justifying our hold on the world as its ultimate royals. 

It pointed out very relevant yet easily overlooked facts about the naivety of the larger portion of us, in making ourselves content with the fact that what we know is that we all have to  know !. It mentioned various syllogism related to current turmoils including the Trump-ism , Religious war mongering among other pressing topics.

This article , sort of made me restructure my thought process , in regard to how I perceive things and how I must be considering factors which I was ignorant off to start with.


We, as humans, consider ourselves the Imperialists among the living. But what is that little bit of influence that takes us beyond and above our fellow beings?

Birds have been migrating since ever, squirrels have been doing their business collecting nuts, dogs howl when they see ghosts. So all these suggests they are knowledgeable as well and if we take this as a scale to measure smartness, then they would at least rank above our current politicians and our political system. So what exactly is that we had done, contrary to them, to harness our claim to the throne?

I am made to believe, and rightly so, that its none other than ignorance that sets us apart. Ignorance in this context, should not be seen as our daily lethargy to know about things and the general boredom associated with knowing things outside our comfort zone. Instead, it is in fact the very knowledge about things that we don’t know. We have to have a hold of things that we don’t know. I meant not to say that we should know about everything, but what I advocate is an idea about what we are unaware off. In essence, the yearn to see the bigger picture is something that makes us stand apart.

This thought can be applied to almost all the issues out there. Maybe if we weren’t blind toward others and their beliefs, we wouldn’t have lobbied against them. Maybe if we knew the other side of story in any matter, we would have acted rationally. This all puts the ultimate truth in to perspective. If we can imagine ourselves in their shoes, maybe we would’ve been a better human. All this constant yearn to attract everything to ourselves have made ourselves oblivious to the fact that there are other humans too and we are meant to co-exist. The positivity that co-existing individuals radiate is undeniable and the root reason behind this, as I assume, is the mutual respect as well as the acceptance of the fact that one wouldn’t know about the other persons and his story as well as themselves, no matter how inseparable they are.

Hence, I hope, keeping all this war mongering and Xenophobia aside, we are basically just flesh and bones and what defines us, should not be something that has been imprinted in our chain of thought from the very beginning, but the acceptance that we are all one and our future lies in the togetherness and compassion we exercise


The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep -Robert Frost



Connecting the Obvious – My take on why the world is corrupt and why do we have to pay to live in this world!



I am sure ,at least once a day we would’ve wondered about why there is so much disparity among people on so many fronts. Some are money-wise , some power -wise or an amalgam of both. This also begs the question , if the common theory of “all men are equal ” holds its ground , then how did some have become rich while others are on the opposite end of the food cycle.

Perhaps , for us 90’s kids , the most striking image of betrayal would be of Julius Caesar crying ” Et tu Brute ?! ” at his trusted aide and son-like Brutus. A little down in the topic , we would be of the opinion that Brutus isn’t as bad as our imagination but was an ally to a necessary evil to prevent Caesar becoming an all-powerful ruler ,thus creating the aforementioned disparity. But it makes it clear that , there were powers who wanted him off. They can be synonymous with whats happening in the world right now. Conglomerates toppling government over for their gain. Lets see some very broad examples .

The whole ISIS- Syria ensemble is , as I gather a byproduct of how Russia was protecting a dictatorship and how US resented it and after further secret interventions , Voila we have a  million refugees. Same thing , with how Cuba was under an extended sanction , because US feared the upcoming of communism with null their  vested interests and make path to US eventually. How about the infamous 2G/3G scam in India where the amount of money squandered would make any sane person dizzy. It would be unfair to not remember the Italian Mafia with Silvio Berlusconi even found their way to him being their president. Drug cartels rule among Mexico ,El Salvador and the entire South America. Even the Middle east have had their own share of blood money and the dictatorial but favored rule of Saddam Hussein was bought to a halt by not their own people but by other countries , who deemed him “dangerous” to their interests. It shows us a familiar path of interchange between money and power and the growing race to better each other.

This makes us the think that if there was no concept of money and power , would the world be a better place ? Might be ! But i beg to differ .Like I mentioned earlier , its an necessary evil but should be a controlled one. Our best example would be the Canadian Heartthrob Justin Trudeau who as the PM , rocked the world with his humanitarian as well as diverse decisions and to an extend Paul Rudd ,the witty yet effective Ex- Australian PM.

As weird as it sounds , paying money to live in our world is something of a necessity but only if we are convinced it doesn’t reach the wrong hands. Maybe I am being too naive about politics and business , but my juvenile thought process dictates me to believe that its okay to pay as long as we don’t pay to get ourselves killed. Pay our taxes and dues for the better good (I dont think I have to mention the infinite implications and positives bought by the tax-payers money) and for things that follow , all we can hope is it would be used rationally because the world as we know is in a very deep pit and anything and everything humanitarian is a bliss.!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.- Albert Einstein


Why are the US elections relevant to an Asian dude ?




“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. -Thomas Paine”

While the whole world was being consumed by the atrocities around the world by different terrorist groups for their own gratifications , the world as we know , is moving to an entirely new form of neopolitical system in which the a world wide war is just seconds away from a button click.  Despite being in the 21st century , we feel it as pretty awkward that the decade long childish feud between Russia and their hombre’s US are still at the top of their rage and yet when the immigration crisis which dwelled upon our humanitarian values were overlooked . Fake military oppression’s with varying reasons are not a humane enough reason to justify how we have shut eyes towards the impending catastrophe of immigration. We lost our humane touch when these so called “First world Countries ” , “Harbingers of New found freedom ” , “Big brothers ” , don’t feel it relevant enough to do enough to maybe contain the loss of innocent lives and yet they are over the moon when a fraction of the atrocities reciprocate in their homeland . It is very calming for us to sit at our comforts of home , become a cyber ninja and go rattling about it over and over again , but truth to be told , there is very less that a normal human can do .A relevant example would be the “White Helmets” , despite being our modern day heroes , there is very less they can do to nullify the root cause and as we know , this can go on for ever , as long as their basic problems are not addressed and the vested interests of these countries dropped.

And ,back to why the US elections are important , Trump and Hillary have projected themselves as the Dumb and Dumbest among the politicians in a country hailed as the greatest democracy .It has merely boiled down to whoever is the less venomous candidate. This makes a mockery of what a democracy stands for and the very reason that their resumes are on the opposite ends of sanity , makes this election and the subsequent days as relevant as to anyone as to any citizen of the US . The magnificently hailed ” Most powerful job on the earth ” , if it shows any justification to this title , can make or break the world’s future. While watching the just-concluded presidential debate have been a heart breaking scene out of a Twilight movie  , they did ask some relevant questions , and it showed to us the stark differences between a shrewd businessman and an equally archaic politician .While one advocated making the country investment friendly , the other wanted to further squeeze money out of the rich and share with the rest .While it sounds that both the alternatives are from Utopia , they highlight the fundamental differences of the candidates . While Trump wants to make further Trumps, Hillary wants to be the only Hillary . The debate also made an amusement out of it , by the way Trump threatened  “Coz You’d be in jail ” banter was an exceptional tit for tat that would make a 5-Year old jealous .While this might be the just the tip of the iceberg , we are meant to believe that even after one of them wins the election , this self mockery would continue for a longer time and anything deviating from how to mitigate the current situations are going to be bad news for every one involved in it.

This election result would reciprocate to all the major takers and compounded with the post -Brexit , Theresa May government and the much maligned UN with humanitarian Antonio Guterres at the helm , there is so much to achieve and the impact that it would have is huge .Hopefully, these torrid times including the immigration , migration and financial crisis are nothing but a passing fancy , and the so-called “Big players” are up to the task and nothing makes it better  than financial and political powerhouse like the US keeping up to their billing and making the world a better place to live.

Its just a start , but with the things that are stake , it better be a damn good start!